The Restaurant

We are excited to share 'Rubirosa at Home' Italian-American specialty products!

The memories shared at Rubirosa can now be recreated at home with our signature marinara, vodka sauce, olive oil and lumache pasta. The sauces have been carefully crafted from our signature blend of tomatoes to capture the true essence of Rubirosa. Our olive oil is hand-harvested in Sicily and is a unique partnership between the Asaro family and ours. Our Rubirosa pasta originated from the finest regional Italian pasta making techniques while using local North American ingredients. These ingredients are the foundations to your favorite dishes at Rubirosa. Now, you can create new family favorites with these cucina essentials. No reservation required.

About the Restaurant

Rubirosa is our family-run pizzeria and restaurant on Mulberry Street in New York City. AJ Pappalardo (the son of Giuseppe Pappalardo, the founder of legacy pizzeria - Joe & Pat's in Staten Island), worked at his family’s pizzeria for years, before setting out to open his own restaurant he dreamed would become as well known as his father’s.
In 2009, inspired by his 57-year-old family recipe for paper thin-crust pizza, AJ opened Rubirosa and was joined by Bari Musacchio to manage the restaurant.
In 2015, AJ passed away, and his sister Maria Pappalardo, a full-time casting director who was no stranger to the family's pizza business, took on a larger role at Rubirosa to continue AJ’s vision.
Now partners, Maria and Bari operate Rubirosa together and are excited to introduce Rubirosa at Home to home cooks across the country.